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Fishing in Clew Bay, Westport

Clew Bay

Clew Bay is a natural Ocean Bay of the Atlantic Ocean. It's beautiful beaches, islands, drumlins and natural geological features are protected by the island of Clare Island which has coastline expanding 21km (13miles). The townlands of Louisburgh, Lecanvey, Murrisk, Westport, Newport and Mulranny all touch upon Clew Bay. Clew Bay is famous for it's wide variety of fish, sheltered waters and it's reputation for having one island for every day of the year.

Fishing in Clew Bay
The calm inshore waters among these islands produce Ray, Bullhuss, Monkfish, Dogfish, Conger, Pollack and the occasional Tope. Closer to the shore, mackarel is the more common kind of fish caught. 

Every year, The Helm host the annual Helm Skate Festival, which attracts widespread participation and support. When Skate are caught during the Skate Festival, they are tagged and dropped back into the water.  All fish are tagged and returned alive as part of a programme to help conservation and research of the species.

The surf beaches and rocky inlets dotted around the bay produce Flounder, small Turbot, wrasse, Conger, Ray and the occasional Bass. The shores of these islands have never been fished. However over the past two years The Helm Skate Festival has been fished on them and the results have been phenomenal, with over 10 species being landed and individual anglers producing Catches of 20 fish or more.

The White Seahorse
  • We charter the White Seahorse for a rate of €450 per day on Clew Bay. 
  • The boat has a capacity of 10 persons. 
  • All fishing and angling equipment is supplied on the boat. 

Austie Gill
Our man, Austie Gill has been a skipper of boats on Clew Bay for decades. With years of experience and having set out to sea in all weather conditions in the past, Austin Gill knows Clew Bay's best fish spots and when it's Austie bringing you fishing, you can leave your maps and manuals at home!

And remember, what you catch, you keep!