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Where is The Helm? And Where's Westport?

They say all Roads lead to Westport. We don't know who says it, but it's true. For those of you who are new to the road system in Ireland, just remember that signposts can be few and far between. However, after your trip to Ireland, you'll be able to travel in even the most confusing of places in the world using only your sense of direction. 

Finding Westport
From Dublin, travel West, and follow the signs for Westport.

From Galway, follow the signposts for either Westport or Castlebar.

From Knock Airport (Ireland West International Airport), follow the "All Other Directions" Sign until you get out of the bog, and then follow the signs for Westport.

Getting back to Knock Airport? Remember the route you took on your way from the airport, because the signposts back to the airport are few and non-existent. Or else, look for where all the planes are landing.

Finding The Helm in Westport
When your in Westport, just look for signs to the Westport Quay area, or punch it into your SatNav and The Quay area is about 1km outside Westport. You'll know when you've arrived.

What if I get lost?
I'm glad you asked! Well, remember that Westport isn't a trick name. It's in the West and it's beside the sea. Don't be afraid to ask for directions, but remember if you stop to ask for directions, then make sure you ask two people - just to be sure, to be sure.