The Helm Bar & Restaurant

One should never begin an exploration on an empty stomach, and the same holds true for those exploring Westport. Whether you're here on your own, with a friend, a partner or a group, we're here to make your visit as pleasant, enriching and enjoyable as possible. 

Family Owned

The Helm is a family owned business - and family managed too. This helps us to create consistency and maintain the highest standards possible, both in terms of the quality of our food, our drink and the quality of service we provide in general. It helps us to create a bar with an atmosphere that's less complacent, less formal and more enjoyable to be in.

The Finest Of Seafood

The Helm has one of the finest seafood restaurants on the Western Seaboard with all of our fish caught and bought locally from fishermen spanning from as far south as Rossaveal, County Galway to as far North as Ballina in North County Mayo. Our seafood is fresh with seafood deliveries daily, and means our customers just can't get enough and keep coming back for more.